About Elkem:

Founded in 1904, Elkem is one of the world's leading suppliers of silicon-based advanced materials with operations throughout the value chain from quartz to specialty silicones, as well as attractive market positions in specialty ferrosilicon alloys and carbon materials. Elkem is a publicly listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker code: ELK) and is headquartered in Oslo. The company has more than 6,370 employees with 29 production sites and an extensive network of sales offices worldwide. 

Oslo, 14 April 2020: Elkem ASA has now closed the previously announced acquisition of Polysil, a leading Chinese silicone elastomer and resins material manufacturer.

Elkem(Guangdong) was founded in 2001. It is located in the High-tech Industry Zone in Zhongshan Guangdong China. The factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees while the R&D Centre attracted 50 more top-talents that are responsible for the high-end research, development and testing for providing the best solutions for its customers. 
Elkem(Guangdong) is a nation-wide high-tech company as well as a Zhongshan Top100 enterprise. 
As one of the leading organic silicone material suppliers, Elkem(Guangdong) is specialized in developing, producing and selling custom-made silicone rubbers. The main products include Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) as well as High Consistency Rubber (HCR). Every year, tens of thousands metric tons of Elkem(Guangdong) silicone rubber are delivered worldwide for various industries such as food contact, health care, energy, electric & electronic, automotive & transport, coatings and paints, textile, leather & nonwovens, etc.
LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) is a compound that has self-leveling ability or thixotropy. The medium polymerized linear polyorganosiloxane is used as basic polymer to mix with filler, auxiliaries and additives. LSR can be molded by pour molding and injection molding at room or high temperature.
HCR (High Consistency Rubber)A silicone gum with high polymethylvinylsiloxane(PMVS) level is combined with fumed or precipitated silica as reinforcing filler along with various other additives to create special properties. It can be molded with peroxide or platinum curing agent under heat and pressure or hot air. The molding process can be mold compression, extrusion, injection or calender.